Wade Harvey

My Personal Site

Welcome to My Site

This is my personal site. In it, you will find links to web sites that I have designed, several essays, and some very interesting pictures.

I am using this web site to showcase my programming skills and to communicate my thoughts. 

If you have any programming needs that I might be able to fulfill, please contact me at harvey007@sbcglobal.net

Turn on Your Sound! This is a very noisy web site.  I recently read an excellent article that said our web sites should be a metaphor for the external world.  Our desktop applications currently make noise when we throw something into the trash can, reboot, or whatever.  Why shouldn't our web sites make noises, too?  Each link should be calling out to visitor: "Click Me!"  When someone hovers the cursor over a link, the computer should scream "YES - Please visit me!"  I have not taken the idea that far, but I have added sound to the essays.


What's New

This personal web site is new.  I created it with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition is free software and the Personal Web Site Starter Kit is also free.